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#include "list.h"
#include "rhash.h"
#include "mhash.h"
#include "ptree.h"
#include "ptable.h"
#include "tbchain.h"
#include "metadata.h"

#include <glib.h>

00014 struct ptree_ref {
    fs_rid pred;
    fs_ptree *ptree_s;
    fs_ptree *ptree_o;

#define FS_MAX_OPEN_PTREES 300

#define FS_PENDED_LISTS 16

00024 struct _fs_backend {
    const char *db_name;
    fs_metadata *md;
    fs_segment segments;
    fs_segment segment;
    int salt;
    int stream;
    const char *hash;
    FILE *lex_f;
    fs_list *pending_delete;
    fs_list *pending_insert;
    fs_rhash *res;
    fs_mhash *models;
    fs_tbchain *model_list;
    fs_list *predicates;
    fs_ptable *pairs;
    int pended_import;
    int ptree_size;
    int ptree_length;
    struct ptree_ref *ptrees_priv;
    fs_list *pended[FS_PENDED_LISTS];
    GHashTable *rid_id_map;
    int ptree_open_flags;
    int ptree_open_count;
    int open_ptrees[FS_MAX_OPEN_PTREES];
    int open_ptrees_newest;
    int open_ptrees_oldest;
    fs_import_timing in_time[FS_MAX_SEGMENTS];
    fs_query_timing out_time[FS_MAX_SEGMENTS];
    int checked_transaction;
    int transaction;
    int mid_commit;
    int model_data;
    int model_dirs;
    int model_files;
    long long approx_size; /* a value read from ptrees at startup, and updated
                      * not guaranteed to be accurate */
    float min_free;


/* vi:set ts=8 sts=4 sw=4: */

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